moving from one town to another,,

moving from one town to another,,

Сообщение hillbilly hank » Пн сен 26, 2011 1:36 am

:evil: i had 10 shops and moved to anther town only to see tht i;ve lost 3 ,.,, why had this happen,, these were suppose to go with me like my beach front property,,,can this be resolved and make it right ,,, i;m taxed be the new town anyway...
hillbilly hank
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Re: moving from one town to another,,

Сообщение Nicholas » Пт окт 07, 2011 12:22 am

Hi Hank:

You lost your shop space because the town you moved to was not as developed as the town you left. If you roll your mouse over the shops, trucks, city hall, etc it will show you what level it is upgraded to.
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Re: moving from one town to another,,

Сообщение Tammy » Пт ноя 04, 2011 9:46 pm

Nicholas that is the reason he doesn't have the shop space. You are so clever. lol
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Re: moving from one town to another,,

Сообщение indodo » Вс янв 15, 2012 12:10 pm

I moved from Dairy Village the other day with a brand new name to New Italy, I heard things about the Mayor there and wanted too see if its was true, And the Town look's good from the outside and there's not many Player's their the whole day Just when the Mayor is Playing, I'm guessing its all her names and accounts. Well The Mayor was in my Bike room in 5 Mins with an other player or herself, Now i Play this Game and i Pay my Money to play this game and i can go anywhere i like True, The Mayor asked me who are you? Well She can see my name on the chat, So i didn't answer her Daft Question, Then what are you doing here? Another Daft Question,So I decided that i wasn't going to talk to her She can't make me. The poor Mayor then sat in my bike room Next question Talk to me even just Hello, Next if you don't talk to your Mayor leave this town. Leave this town i just got there, So that's not happening anytime soon, Next Mayor books all market contract's it was real funny watching. After 1hour and 30 mins she left , I knew she would , she doesn't play for long with her 6 names.Why nobody plays in New Italy simple Shop Tax at 100%, Everything double price When you don't live there. This Mayor and there is 2 others just like her don't Run this Game and don't own nothing, Its not Good enough that Mayor's can try and make Players leave a town Just because we are not wanted there. So she can have the town all to herself.She should be happy player's want to play in a good town and help make it better but not her. See old Player's and when they are Mayor's don't want to lose there town it means the world to them, That is what wrong in this game Mayor Election every 6 months or 1 year is what is needed all Player's on Zero.
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Re: moving from one town to another,,

Сообщение indodo » Пн мар 26, 2012 10:18 am

Ariadni писал(а):Come and join us in Flowers Hill :)

I would like to ask you my you are telling player's on a open forum to join you at Flower's hill, You dont play so much, and Your Mayor is Duddie is one of the worsed Mayor's in this game, She is a Money grabbing Thief.
What your Mayor does that is a disgrace.
1 New player's move to your town with level 18 upwards, she check's your money on the rating's list, 2 Days later,you have made 700k in money, She asked how you made it and Tell's you I think you Steal from City Hall,Unreal since it would take about 20 Truck's to be finished to have that amount in City Hall.
2 She tell's new player's are you here to help upgrade City, I sell Perfume in shop for 50k Go and buy it with your Profits, so unreal again a 2 week old Player makes Money and is told to give,When other Player's only make a little amount of Money give Nothing.
3 Your Mayor switches around with 3 name's ,She is a 2 year Player and she doesnt even have Level 20,The same goes for a another Greedy Player in Flower's Hill Called Lynn1,2,3,4,5.She doesnt have nothing, But she want's all your money too.And this Lynn is so Daft that she has Influence on 2 of her name's,She Upgraded the Holiday Spot on both Name's to the max, Somehow i dont think so,And She was Mayor there too for a short time with only 8k of Influence.
Your Mayor has only 16k of influence, all your Player's there have topped up her votes and and She wants all there Money,Stars,Crystals too, Not much wonder your Town is dead.
4 And Duddie and Lynn are very childish indeed, Did you see that Lynn and Duddie's second name duddsons changed there Names in to Ion Caramel Thief, Ion big thief,Ion Perfume thief, And even something about Brady using foul Word's thats is totally wrong, and should have been banned for that.
5 So Please tell me why Flower's hill is so Great.
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moving from one town to another

Сообщение Charlesskync » Сб авг 22, 2020 10:31 pm

So do I just need to go and delete everything and start over or just the payments? This is going to be a lot of work. Thats a year work of info. We need a better tutorial. It did not prepare me for this.

Thanks. I still dont understand everything on this program. But I will figure it all day
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